KAUST Community Workshop One: Arduino Microcomputers 2011

NEXT MEETING 5:30PM 26 April 2011 at ECC1 (Island Oasis) building in Photo Group room

For a MAP (CLICK HERE) CONTACT: Terry King terry@terryking.us 05-46834151


Look at DRAGINO: http://dragino.com Which is a small Linux machine with WiFi intended to interface with Arduino

And here's a cool wire-flying camera idea: http://makeprojects.com/Project/Build-a-Wirebot/744/1

NOTE: Ebooks and Magazines on the Community Workshop Server: How-To is HERE (CLICK)

Arduino Stuff here: workshop\E-BOOKS\Electronics-Microcomputers-Robotics-Mechatronics\ARDUINO-Microcomputers

ARDUINO COOKBOOK is now HERE: This is a very detailed book with many examples.

(UPDATED)"ArdBot" Article on an Arduino-based Simple Robot, From SERVO Robotics Magazine is HERE

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This Week:

  • We will look at the Dragino concept. (We'll be getting one next week!)
  • We will work on details of hardware and software for individual projects.

Last Week:

  • We will Discussed OUTPUT devices in particular
  • Who showed some POWER CONTROL stuff...
  • We will discussed projects people are interested in, using Arduino as the "Engine"
  • We will discussed INTERFACING Input and Output Devices to Arduino

What we're working on and what's Working:

  • Heikki got an LCD Display connected and working, various characters back & forth..
  • Greg got an Arduino Ethernet shield working on on the Internet, creating a web server showing the room temperature
  • Lakshmi is planning a Robot rover with different sensors and a Camera
  • Stephen is designing an Aeroponics plant growing system with Arduino controls
  • Richard is working on a Robot that can balance and move like a Segway.

  • And we'll discuss: What's Next??

Have any Questions?? Please, just Email (terry@terryking.us) or call (05 4683 4151) !